Installing yawd-admin


yawd-admin requires that the oauth2client and httplib2 libraries are installed in your python environment:

$ pip install oauth2client
$ pip install httplib2

If you plan to use the yawd-admin google analytics functionality, the google-api-python-client must also be installed:

$ pip install google-api-python-client

To see which Django versions work with yawd-admin please see Django version compatibility.

Application installation

Install yawd-admin either from pypi or the github repository:

$ pip install yawd-admin


$ git clone
$ cd yawd-admin
$ python install

Either ways all Prerequisites (except from google-api-python-client) will be automatically installed.


Since yawd-admin is actively being developed the github version is generally preferred (especially if you use the latest django); the master branch always contains all latest updates & fixes and is generally considered stable.

Install the demo project

In the demo project you will find a full example of yawd-admin (only the google analytics functionality is not demonstrated).

Create a new environment named yawdadmin and activate it:

$ virtualenv /www/yawdadmin
$ source /www/yawdadmin/bin/activate

Download and install yawd-admin:

$ git clone
$ cd yawd-admin
$ python install

At this point, yawd-admin will be in your PYTHONPATH. Now initialize the example project:

$ cd example_project
$ python syncdb

When promted, create an admin account. Finally, start the web server:

$ python runserver

...and visit http://localhost:8000/ to see the admin interface and experiment with its features.


The demo admin URLs are registered in the root url and no prefix (e.g. ‘/admin/’) is needed.

Explore the demo project source code and read the comments, to better understand how to use yawd-admin.

Once you are done, you can deactivate the virtual environment:

$ deactivate yawdadmin

Live demo

Alternatively, you can visit the live demo at Use demo / demo as username & passowrd.


The live demo uses yawd-admin v0.7.0.

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