yawd-admin django application documentation

yawd-admin is an administration website for django. It extends the default django admin site and offers the following:

  • A clean and beautiful bootstrap user interface
  • Hand-written pure HTML5/CSS3 code with indented HTML output
  • Responsive interface, optimized for mobile phones and tablets
  • Register custom database settings (options) editable from the UI. You can use all standard django form fields for these settings
  • Integration with google analytics for displaying statistics in the admin home page
  • Register your applications to the top-bar navigation
  • Refurbished original django admin widgets
  • Mechanism for opening the original django admin popup windows with fancybox
  • Seamless integration with yawd-translations for multilingual admin websites

Screenshot of the yawd-admin index page (taken from the http://yawd.eu/ production website).

Django version compatibility

The following yawd-admin versions might also work with other Django releases (older or newer), however such combinations are NOT tested.

yawd-admin v0.5.0: Django v.1.4.1
yawd-admin v0.6.1: Django v.1.4.5
yawd-admin v0.7.0: Django v.1.5.x

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