Overriding the templates

As with the default django admin site you can override the templates of yawd-admin. Just make sure your application is listed before ‘yawd-admin’ in your INSTALLED_APPS settings and place your templates inside the myapp/templates/admin directory. Per-model template override works exactly like the original django admin as well.

Object tools

The object tools in yawd-admin look like in the following screenshot (taken from the User model change page):


The html in templates for object tools is like this:

{% block object-tools-items %}
<div class="span2">
        <a href="history/" class="big-button">
                <i class="database-item"></i> {% trans "History" %}
</div>{% if has_absolute_url %}
<div class="span2">
        <a href="../../../r/{{ content_type_id }}/{{ object_id }}/" class="big-button">
                <i class="lookup-item"></i> {% trans "View on site" %}
</div>{% endif %}{% endblock %}

Since you might override the ‘object-tools-items’ template block to add your custom object tools, yawd-admin provides a set of icons to use for your buttons.


To use the above icons you must use an an {{iconname}}-item class where {{iconname}} is the name of the icon. E.g.:

<i class="male-item"></i>
<i class="mobile-item"></i>
<i class="plane-item"></i>

Some icon names have an ‘-item’ suffix on their own, you should leave the icon name as is in this case. E.g.:

<i class="add-item"></i>
<i class="copy-item"></i>