DB options

With yawd-admin you can register sets of custom options. These options are editable through the admin interface and you can use them to let administrators fine-tune the application.


Each set of options is defined by extending the yawdadmin.admin_options.OptionSetAdmin class:

class CustomOptions(OptionSetAdmin):
        optionset_label = 'custom-options'
        verbose_name = 'Custom Options'

        option_1 = SiteOption(field=forms.CharField(
                        attrs = {'class' : 'textarea-medium'}
                help_text='A fancy custom text area option.',

        option_2 = SiteOption(field=forms.CharField(
                help_text='The second awesome option. This one is required!',

The optionset_label attribute is the equivalent of the app_label for models. By defining a verbose_name you can explicitly set how you want this option-set label to be displayed.

Each option is implemented as a member of the OptionSetAdmin sub-class, exactly like you would do in a database model. The options must be of the yawdadmin.admin_options.SiteOption type. The field argument of the SiteOption constructor can refer to any standard django form field class instance. In the above example, option_1 will be a text area and option_2 a text input.


a SiteOption initialization can accept a lang_dependant boolean keyword argument as well. Set this to True if you use yawd-admin along with yawd-translations and you need multilingual options:


After defining your custom OptionSetAdmin class you must register it with the yawd-admin website:

#register the OptionSetAdmin to the admin site
#almost like we would do for a ModelAdmin

Retrieving option values

To retrieve a single option you can use the get_option() method:

from yawdadmin.utils import get_option
option = get_option('custom-options', 'option_1')

if option == 'whatever value':
        #do your stuff..

... where the first argument of the method is the optionset_label and the second is the option name.

If you want to retrieve all options of a single option-set at once use the get_options() method (if you need access to more than one options this is preferred since it will hit the database only once):

from yawdadmin.utils import get_options
options = get_options('custom-options')

if options['option_1'] == 'whatever value':
        #do your stuff

...or in the template:

<p><span>Option 1 value:</span> {{options.option_1}}</p>