v.0.7.0, 2013.10.23

  • popup/ajax inlines, one-to-one inlines
  • auto side-navigation affix menu in change pages (based on fieldsets & inlines)
  • drag & drop ordering in changelist view
  • “my account” view for non-admin users to edit their own info
  • new admin widgets
  • reworked filters section
  • reworked authentication/registration templates
  • added the font-awesome icons (updated to 3.2.1)
  • model icons
  • automatic calculation of the popover (help text) placement
  • documentation enhancements
  • some work towards PEP8/pylint compliance

v.0.6.0, 2013.02.28

  • Added modal inlines functionality
  • Upgraded to bootstrap v2.2.2
  • Added gcons icon set
  • Collapsible inlines
  • Fixed google analytics bugs (thanks to @chielteuben)
  • Various css updates
  • Added django-reversion, django-mptt templates (thanks to @pahaz)
  • Various minor enhancements, like the ability to exclude a model from the top menu

v.0.5.0, 2012.11.01

  • Initial Release